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Our software packages include integrated bank products, data conversion, software networking, audit protection and one-on-one software training.

What Makes Our Software Great?

Integrity Tax Software offers two of the industry’s leading professional tax software packages.  The software we offer include Integrity CL – 1040 and Integrity Pro Web. Our software options are available in both Desktop and Web versions.  Within each software and version, there are varying features and integrations which have been highlighted in the features table below. The feature table is intended to help you identify the best tax software features and integrations you may benefit from, and ultimately help you decide which software may be beneficial for your tax office.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions before committing to a professional tax software.  Integrity Tax Software dedicated staff are here to provide the solutions you need to make sure you are on track to grow your business and achieve your goals.

How? We will pay you $250.00 upfront and on every funded bank product they do for as long as you and they are partners with Integrity Tax Software.

Software Packages Feature 

Software Updating

Form integration & Bilingual Form

Return Review Feature

Business Return Feature

Mobile App

Off-Site Backup Storage

Bank Product

Client Portal

Remote Signature

Text Messaging

Multi-Tier Office Capability

Software Conversion

Signature PAD

Handheld Scanner

Software Conversion

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