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Everyday, our mission is to help strengthen the foundation of our partner businesses while furthering their growth through the most advantageous revenue-generating opportunities in the industry. Achievement starts with Integrity Tax Software!


The desktop application is a comprehensive Tax Software for both Individuals, Corporations (1120,1120S, 1065, 1041,706,709, 990 and 5500) and All States. You have the ability to E-file everything that can be.

Integrity Complete Pro

A space of tax resources to help you manage all your tax functions effectively with minimal risk and leverage next-generation solutions

Integrity Pro Web

We have built-in all the tools to ensure that you maintain control and visibility of your workforces activities regardless of where or when they are doing their work

About Us

At Integrity Tax Software we maintain a devoted team of seasoned tax professionals, IT experts, and technical support staff, all dedicated to supporting our partner’s overall success. We strive to deliver only the best solutions for service, support, and technology every step of the way. Achievement starts with Integrity Tax Software! Our software products are powered by the world’s largest developers crosslink and taxslayer. The competitive discounts we qualify for allow us to provide our software solutions at affordable prices compared to the competitors.

Increase Efficiency and Decrease Error

We are always trying to find a solution that is convenient – comfortable and corporate for your use. To keep the convenience in mind, we bring several tax softwares that are effective and powerful. These software help you work with diligence to increase efficiency and decrease the level of every error. However, if your tax situation is a bit more complicated or you are uneasy about the idea of filing your own taxes, you may find it best to bring tax software at your place.


Increase Profit margin

Your business is your hard work and commitment, the sacrifices you make to provide for your family and probably a big part of your retirement plan. What if your  business isn’t getting the results you want and you’re unsure what to do next? We’ve got some tips we would like to provide to you.

Tax Software

Integrity Pro Web

Regardless of your business type, location count or return count our Pro Online solution is probably what you should be using. Over the last 5 years we have seen a mass migration within our community from desktop to the web. Why? Simple, FLEXIBILITY! Because the platform is 100% web based you can be extremely dynamic and innovative with your business operations. We have built in all the tools to ensure that you maintain control and visibility of your workforces activities regardless of where or when they are doing their work.

Integrity CL-1040

Integrity CL -1040 stands out as the premier choice for professional tax software tailored to high-volume tax businesses. Designed with the specific needs of such enterprises in mind, it offers unparalleled speed, ease of use, and efficiency. Its primary focus is on expediting the processing of clients’ tax returns and facilitating swift and accurate refunds, particularly bank products. With Integrity CL-1040, tax professionals can streamline their workflow, ensuring prompt service delivery while maintaining accuracy and compliance. 

Integrity Complete Pro

Integrity tax software offers best-in-class and powerful complete-pro software that converts simplified complex procedures into smooth ways. It helps reduce or eliminate paper trails by scanning and uploading essential client documents and enables tax professionals to manage risk and maximize the organization’s growth. The main reason behind making this software is to increase workflow and decrease the amount of risk. Also, this software is secure and user-friendly, allowing your client to stay connected without visiting the tax office.  

What Makes Us Different

Integrity Tax Software is a leading tax software provider replacing traditional tax software exercises with modern practices. We help our customers to grow their tax business through our fast, powerful and professional software. Whether you are new in the tax business or have been working for so long, our goal is to uphold and protect our client’s rights to work hard and exceed our clients expectations at every stage to cover all their tax related requirement with best possible results.

Expand Your Business From Integrity Tax Software


We offer more than just beautifully-developed software. We also provide complete technical support with our state-of-the-art and tailor-made tax software. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a large organization, we offer a range of support options to help you get the most from our products and us.


Benefits of Choosing Integrity Tax Software

Integrity Tax Software is committed to providing dedicated tax software to the client to save time and money. We aim to increase efficiency and decrease errors with our tailor-made software for your business. Integrity Tax Software is always trying to improve your business strength by providing you with low-priced and highly professional tax software. We have satisfied thousands of clients and have millions of success stories. We are ready to take your business to a completely new height and help get maximum clients. To be a part of our tax success family, join our software today!

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