Audit Assistance Program

Client Denied EIC? Tax Client? Education Credit?

The Audit Assistance Program will work with clients to refund what they are due!

Audit Headaches?

To get rid of your audit management? You can come and avail of our Audit Assistance Program and satisfy the request that the IRS made to get your client their refund. Your client’s correspondence with the IRS will be handled by Audit Assistance.. Let the professionals at Audit Assistance handle your client’s audit to help you get the refund they are due.

Control Your Business On Your Own 

Tax Integrity Software dashboard provides customers with total options to see sub-office work performance. This innovative and state-of-the-art tool helps you get a real-time report and review of the return they filed. Having a lot of convenience in one software will ultimately grow your business faster. 

Reseller Program

Expand your business, generate maximum revenue through our fully-integrated tax software, and become a Reseller of Tax Integrity Software. Our fully customized tax software helps you grow your business and generate extra income for your business. Your business can easily handle tools through the software as this software is easy to use for everywhere – anywhere in the world. Become your own tax preparation service bureau with Tax Integrity Software full training, technical support, and sales, marketing, and business development tools.

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