Tax Time Guide: Making sure Taxpayers Report correctly

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As the time for paying taxes approaches, citizens are urged to be mindful of their responsibility of accurately accounting for various sources of income on their tax returns. Specifically, in order to be compliant with tax regulations, taxpayers should report digital asset transactions, gig incomes and foreign-based earnings and assets.

The prevalence of digital assets such as cryptocurrency has increased tremendously in financial transactions. Any engagement with digital asset transactions should therefore be disclosed on tax returns whether one has been paid in form of these digital assets, transferred them as gifts or engaged in any other related activities. Consequently all proceeds earned from digital asset dealings must be meticulously declared by filling forms like Form 8949 and Schedule D.

Likewise, money made from temporary jobs or part-time gigs and online selling is taxable and should be reported to IRS. This includes cash payments, digital currencies among others.

Workers in the service industry such as those working in hotels or restaurants have a duty to disclose all tips received whether they are cash or non-cash tips.

Moreover, U.S. citizens and resident aliens are required to report worldwide income, which includes income from foreign sources, on their tax returns. This requires reporting financial account situated outside United States like foreign bank accounts through additional forms such as schedule B and form 8938.

Additionally taxpayers having interest in or authority over foreign financial accounts may need to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) with the Treasury Department. The FBAR is due on April 15th 2024 but individuals who fail this deadline will automatically get an extension till October 15th 2024.

IRS stresses that accurate reporting of such things like type purchases using bitcoins; gig economy salary; incomes realized abroad including offshore assets is important. In relation to this matter however the taxpayers are advised that they can go down load Instructions for Form 1040 , Form 1040-SR and other publications that are provided the IRS website which give a more detailed instruction on how to go about reporting. Through adhering to these measures one can be able to effectively fulfill their responsibility for complying with relevant tax laws.

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