Access to Free Tax Return Preparation Services for Eligible Taxpayers

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The IRS offers no-charge tax preparation services through Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE). These programs are designed to help eligible individuals prepare their taxes at no cost.

VITA Program:
For more than half a century, VITA program has helped individuals with tax returns. The VITA sites run by IRS partners and staffed by tireless volunteers aim to make a difference in communities across America. The following groups are addressed by this program;
Individuals whose income is $64,000 or less.
Persons with disabilities.
Taxpayers who have limited English.

TCE Program:
Free tax assistance is provided by the TCE program for persons who are sixty years of age or older. It is designed to answer unique questions that only apply to retirees concerning pensions and retirement. The TCE program is similar to the VITA program as it’s run by organizations that partner with IRS and staffed by well-informed volunteers.

Benefits of VITA/TCE Services:
VITA/TCE services are free, reliable, accurate and dependable. Volunteers undertake an intensive training on tax law that meets or exceeds Internal Revenue Service criteria. They uphold the taxpayer information privacy and confidentiality all time long.

Quality Review:
Each return prepared at a VITA/TCE site undergoes an extensive quality review process conducted by IRS thus ensuring its accuracy as well as compliance with existing tax laws before it’s filed.

Convenient Locations:
Community centers, libraries, schools, shopping malls among other places in various parts of the country host VITAs and TCEs sites at easily reachable locations. You can use VITA Locator Tool available on IRS website or call 800-906-9887 to get your nearest TCE or VITASite near you.

Preparing for Your Visit:
To get ready ahead of a visit to a VITA or TCE site, it is essential to be prepared. Locate Publication 3676-PDF at IRS website and go through its “What to bring” checklist so as to know what services are provided there. This ensures that all the necessary documents and information needed for your tax return preparation are available.

Note: The availability of services may vary at each VITA or TCE site, depending on the expertise of certified volunteers. Additionally, some VITA sites may also partner with Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) program.

If you qualify for free tax return preparation assistance, the VITA and TCE programs are valuable resources to consider. These programs provide reliable and trustworthy help in matters related to taxation thus ensuring accurate tax returns preparation and compliance with tax laws. Use either the VITA Locator Tool or call the number provided to find the nearest VITA or TCE site in your locality.

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